The Historic Armories of Rhode Island

Historic Armories
of Rhode Island

-- A 150-page book, with 200 pictures, telling about the community and military histories of Rhode Island's 18 historic armories

Written by
Colonel (ret) Howard F. Brown &
Professor Roberta Mudge Humble

With a special introduction by
Lieutenant General Leon LaPorte
Commanding General, Fort Hood, Texas

The Historic Armories of Rhode Island is a pictorial view of 18 historic buildings designed for the military but often the center of community life in the towns and cities of Rhode Island. The oldest of these standing armories was built in 1835 while the youngster of this historic group was constructed in 1928. Brick and granite, wood and stone -- these armories have survived through times where lesser architecture would have failed. There is strength to armories; they are masculine and practical buildings, but they are also most welcoming in their architectural authority.

Inside, photographs of the armories show a range of styles and tell of how these structures served their communities and their state through some of the most difficult years of our country. Armories have meaning for all of us. Besides their military missions to safely store arms and to provide homes for military units, Rhode Island's armories have a close attachment to the state's citizenry.

From dances and meetings to circuses with Tom Thumb, voting, polio clinics, car shows, State Inauguration Balls -- and home to the fast break in basketball, the armories have welcomed the people of Rhode Island. These buildings are architectural treasures -- with half of them on the National Register of Historic Places.

To read about and see these armories is a rare and wonderful pleasure -- to know that they were there for past generations and that they will be there for future generations -- to remember the importance of community, of character, and of American freedom.

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